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The Dance Collective

The Dance Collective offers classes for all ages and levels, from 12 months old to pre- professional competition programs, and a variety of adult classes. Our goal is to provide a well rounded and safe dance education in a fun environment for all students. We emphasize not only safe and proper technique, but educational courses needed for dancers to sustain both a healthy mind and body.

Registration for January 2024 Now Open!

*Only your registration fee will be due at this time. First month's tuition is due January 1st 2024.

**This registration is for one (1) dancer. To register a second dancer you will complete two separate registrations. There is a code at the end to use for your multi-dancer discount. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have!

January 2024 Registration



Registration for one (1) dancer for our full season beginning January 16th 2024

Click "Register" to select your classes and fill out your dancer's information!

Mini Season 2023
July 10th-November 18th

Continue dancing throughout the summer

and don't miss a beat!

Our mini season features:

  • Consistent schedules

  • ZERO Costume Fees

  • Fall Recital Showcase


January 2024

Join our next full season of dance January 16th- November 16th 2024!

Registration opens September 1st 2023


Unique Calendar

Family Oriented Schedules

Positive Learning Atmosphere

Our January-November calendar provides many benefits for busy families and hopefully eases some stress during busy times of the year.

All school age classes do not begin until 5:15 during the week. Dancers 5 and under have weekday options for classes or Saturday mornings.

Here at The Dance Collective, positivity is our number one priority. We provide fun, motivating, and uplifting dance education for all ages and abilities.

Schedule Sneak Peek:

Registration Opens September 1st

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